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This kind of client feedback is what gets me to work with a smile on my face‎!

While we always strive to do the best ‎we can for our clients (and I know that we do often receive positive feedback from clients as we work through the construction of their homes and after occupancy), it is very special when we get an unsolicited letter of appreciation like the one below. 

This letter is from one of our new owners who just moved into their brand new Energy Star Holmes Approved Home in Crumpit Woods, Squamish. This type of service recognition only comes from a dedicated team effort and a single-minded drive from the staff person who is the direct client contact to exceed expectations. 

We have to thank our team for really delivering on our promise of High Performance in every possible way.

RDC Crumpit Living Room

July 12, 2015

To whom it may concern,

My husband Adrian and I purchased a home in Squamish BC.  I wanted to take a moment and commend Graham (RDC Employee) for his efforts in overseeing the project.

His attention to detail and relentless determination to make us happy and to release a quality product on time was integral to us writing this letter.

We are proud that we purchased an RDC product and we are even more proud to deal with a team that has demonstrated such integrity and diligence. We look forward to experiencing and making great memories in our home. Thank you, Graham for allowing the transition to be as smooth as possible. We really felt that your leadership skills should be noted and translated on paper.


If you want to experience this kind of RDC customer service, and would like to know more about an Energy Star, Holmes Approved Home and our passion around delivering a positive experience building a high-performance home, please give us a call to see how we might work together’


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