Pinnacle Ridge Kitchen

Creative & Efficient Usage of space:

  • Expanded living space to unused deck area created dedicated dining area and improved circulation in a previously cramped space
  • Reduced shading from roof overhang as a result of room expansion dramatically improving natural day lighting, transforming a previously dark living space
  • Curved kitchen counter top expanded seating in a confined space while maintaining good traffic flow to new door to deck
  • Redesigned bar area creates functional beverage storage area and intimate secondary entertaining space
  • Small space redesigned to create highly functional chefs kitchen with multiple work stations that integrated elegantly into the style of this mountain home
  • Center island, curved bar top multitask as work stations, casual entertaining and family dining
  • The integrated appliance garage keeps clutter off work space
  • Built in pull out pantry and upper storage enable generous storage for busy family weekends
  • Island adds extra work station while maintaining good traffic flow
  • Intimate curved bar top expands seating capacity  in a confined space while maintaining good traffic flow
  • Creative design allows multiple work stations, lots of counter space and generous seating in a relatively small space

Quality of Workmanship and Finishing details:

  • Finishing details matched existing finishes and design details
  • New wall of windows optimize natural day lighting, opening up views to stunning forested mountain landscape.
  • Steel beam required to replace structural wall faced in dark stained wood to match existing wood beams. All other structural elements and shear requirements carefully concealed in exterior building enclosure
  • Redesign from both inside and out seamlessly blends with existing townhouse architecture
  • New Energy star windows, spray foam insulation and best practice air tightness details transformed a cold drafty cabin into an energy efficient cozy home.
  • Creative design and exacting construction focused on maximizing available area.
  • Custom built cabinets utilize available space. Very tight tolerances to accommodate stock items with no filler strips
  • Radius of curved bar top carefully considered to expand seating and storage yet maintain critical access to deck
  • Careful integration of granite backsplash, pine paneling and alignment of electrical outlets

Compatibility of Existing and or New Materials:

  •  Modern appliances compliment traditional wood look of the home.
  • Granite countertops, cabinet finishes and new pine wood detailing flawlessly tie together the existing colour and textures of the room
  •  New flooring pre distressed to match existing natural wear on original floor
  • New Pine ceiling sections with carefully applied patina installed to blend with existing pine
  • Dark stained new structural beam matches well with pre-existing dark wood floors.
  • Complimentary cabinet and  granite colour  connect with existing pine paneling and mountain home style
  • Natural pine panels as backsplash and selective gable ends assist in blending new with old
  • Terracotta style porcelain tile provides durable transition from existing distressed wood floor to modern cabinet finishes and counters

Environmental Considerations including energy efficiency:

  • Energy Star appliances
  • Energy star triple paned low e argon windows, 2lb spray foam insulation and best practice air tightness detailing dramatically improved energy performance
  • Kitchen and expanded space heated with floor heat pads with programmable thermostats, allows for zoning of heated areas
  • Compact fluorescent and led lighting
  • Built in Recycling bins for easy sorting and handling of recyclables
  • Natural daylighting through ample windows

Challenges Faced during the building process:

  • Adapting design to match existing interior finishes
  • Multiple design revisions during construction involving large scale structural challenges with a fixed completion deadline.
  • Existing building not level or square,
  • Design had to be approved by strata council
  • Very compact design with no room for error.
  • Client made multiple design revisions after installation had begun