Nordic Renovation

Environmental considerations including energy efficiency

  • New window was ES rated
  • LED lighting replace incandescent
  • Building envelope R values increased where possible
  • Air barrier tightened up where possible

Compatibility of design with existing structure

  • Purpose of renovation was to upgrade and improve functionality of existing bath and games room and modernize look and feel of hallway and bedrooms
  • No interior walls were moved
  • Existing underused bar area and millwork redesigned with better use of space and improved lighting
  • Bath layout incorporated large corner post in millwork to create a balanced feel

Efficient use of space

  • Underutilized games/pool table room redesigned as comfortable well lit quiet reading and TV room. 
  • Existing rarely used bathroom redesigned as guest bath to include storage for linen and towels, and large bright walk in shower

Creativity and finishing details

  • Dark finishes replaced with lighter colours to create more inviting space
  • Bedroom outlets converted to switched plugs to improve lighting ergonomics
  • Lighting improved in all rooms
  • Larger window in bath
  • Dark wood finish in cabinets and slate floors offsets lighter paint finishes
  • Drop ceiling over toilet area hides existing duct work , this line is mirrored on the floor with pebble tiles to match the shower floor.
  • Heated floors in bath and hall took chill off basement feel