Cedar Grove

Name: Cedar Grove
Completed: 2010
Architectural Design: RDC Fine Homes
Interior Design: Laura Henderson Interior Design

Georgie Award Finalist Categories:

  1. Best Single Family Detached Home over $2,000,000 - Rammed Earth Demonstration Home

#1 - Best Single Family Detached Home over $2,000,000 - Rammed Earth Demonstration Home

Innovative and functional design:

  • Insulated Rammed earth construction.
  • South west orientation for passive solar gain.
  •  Passive shading incorporated into design.
  • Rooftop vegetable garden.

Architectural character including integration of the project into its setting was achieved by:

  • Staggered roof lines provide passive shading and striking contemporary design while reducing massing.
  • U shape design of home provides unique views of house and landscape from every room yet affords maximum privacy.

 Environmental considerations include:

  • Triple paned Fiberglass low E Argon windows.
  • Beetle kill timber locally milled for rafters and decking. High grade off cuts used for trim.
  • Air tube to pre condition fresh incoming air.
  • Air tight envelope measured at less than 1 air change.
  • Structural concrete floors polished as finished floors.
  • Built Green enrollment   
  • Innovative high efficiency heating and ventilation technology. Expected to out perform conventional systems.
  • Greywater heat recovery.
  • Sustainable Green Low VOC materials
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Recycled materials used for marble counters, stairs, driveway pavers and Rainstone siding.

 Challenges faced during the building process:

  • Installing and commissioning new technology for mechanical systems
  • Municipal acceptance of rammed earth construction

 Creative use of space and functionality of floor plan:

  • Kitchen design includes comfy family space, eating nook and work space.
  • Bedrooms on lower floor to maximize benefits of rammed earth for humidity and air quality and passive cooling in summer.
  • Living areas on upper floor maximize natural daylighting and show off timber construction.