Net-Zero Ready Home in Whistler

RDC CHBA Net Zero Home 2

We are excited to showcase this beautiful high-performance Net Zero Ready home in Whistler by RDC Fine Homes.

The home was designed by Whistler's Brigitte Loranger.

Follow the project from start to finish here - Whistler White Gold neighbourhood project.

What are CHBA Net-Zero Homes?

CHBA Net-Zero Homes are homes designed, modelled, and constructed to produce just as much renewable energy as they consume annually. Net-Zero homes are up to to 80% more energy efficient than a typical new home build. To put this into perspective, the EnerGuide score for a Net-Zero house would be 0 GJ (gigajoules) per year, measuring the natural gas energy content. Comparing this to an average home score, Net-Zero homes are 8 times more efficient than average homes.

RDC CHBA Net Zero Home 1

A Net Zero Ready home, is a home that has met the CHBA Net Zero criteria, but the onsite renewables (in this case Solar PV panels) have not been installed yet. This allows for the homeowners to install the panels later when the budget allows for it.

Characteristics of this home:

  • Walls: 2" Neopor exterior insulation BASF HP wall - Effective R-25
  • Foundation: ICF Effective R-22
  • Ceilings: Exterior insulated + 2lb spray foam Effective R-50-60
  • Windows: Triple glazed USI 0.90 SHGC 0.16
  • Exterior air barrier + AeroBarrier
  • Airtightness: 0.98 ACH @ 50 Pa
  • Heating: Dettson electric furnace + Air source heat pump
  • Domestic hot water: Rheem hybrid electric heat pump

This article was taken from Capital Home Energy's Monthly Featured Project

Posted: Monday, February 07, 2022