Whistler Pinecrest Home Renovation 2021

Pinecrest Whistler Home Renovation Update #1

RDC Fine Homes' president Bob Deeks provides the first update featuring our new home renovation project in the Pinecrest neighbourhood located just south of Whistler, BC. Bob walks through the pending home renovation updates.

Update #1 (July 9, 2021)


Bob Deeks: (00:00)
Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. I am down in Pinecrest Estates. This is a gated community about 10 minutes south of Whistler, and we are just getting ready today, getting ready and set up to start a new renovation down here. We're going to completely redo the inside of this 1980s cabin. The boys are starting today. We're targeting to be finished just before the end of this year. So let's go on inside. We'll have a little bit of a boo at the existing condition and we'll do some regular updates on this exciting project as we go forward over the next six months. So stay tuned!

Bob Deeks: (00:45)
This floor, the entry floor here on the bottom of the house gets a complete refresh. The room orientation is going to get changed. They always had this entry here that was sort of an orphan entry to nowhere, so this area here is going to get repurposed as a bedroom. So just a much better use of this floor plan area, and of course a brand new bathroom here, same place, but just all new finishes and fixtures.

Bob Deeks: (01:15)
Then we are going to redo the entire stairwell and add in open riser stairs to bring a little more light from all the windows upstairs down into the lower floor here. The fireplace is going, and of course, this big wide open space is going to get divided into two spaces. So we'll get two bedrooms on this side. And then on this side over here, a games room and office area.

Bob Deeks: (01:57)
This exciting renovation here in Pinecrest Estates just south of Whistler is going to involve a complete interior redo, a new kitchen, a new master bedroom, bathroom. Really disappointed to get rid of this lovely brown tub with the carpet surround, but it's got to go. (Joking!) Of course, all new bathroom fittings and fixtures. And then outside, we're going to do an extension to the deck that you can see out the windows here. It will wrap all the way around the side of the house here with a view into the woods. So stay tuned, and of course, if you want to follow along, subscribe to the YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Posted: Friday, July 23, 2021