West Vancouver Luxury Home Restoration

Restoring a Luxury Home in West Vancouver

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Update 1 (February 18, 2020)


Bob Deeks: (00:00)
Hey, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. I am down here in West Vancouver. We are just starting a little bit of a building envelope restoration project for a beautifully, architecturally designed house that has recently been purchased by our client. The boys have started this morning just doing a little bit of exploration work and have uncovered a little bit of rot around some of the window openings and some areas of the envelope where there's some concealed gutters. So let's go on inside and we'll have a quick look at what they've discovered so far.

Bob Deeks: (00:33)
Well, if you can see just inside there where this concealed gutter is, you can see all that mildew and mould, all that black stuff up inside of the stucco. That's just as a result of water being distributed into this cavity from the downspout that you can see just hiding and behind there. So never a great idea to pour water into a concealed space. I'm really curious to see what we're going to find when we open up the drywall from inside.

Bob Deeks: (01:03)
A little bit of more rot that we've found in around the windows. Again, most likely as a result of the concealed gutter that you can just see around the back there. So we'll peel some drywall off here and likely we'll go down underneath into the garage and just see if there's any evidence of failure in the ceiling there. Hopefully, the floor joists are okay and we don't have to pull up this beautiful limestone floor.

Bob Deeks: (01:30)
Up here on the second floor, I don't know if you can see from the window but you can just see that the window is all now out of alignment. You can see it on this window here as well. When we look at the deck outside here, the drain is in the far backhand corner, but the whole deck is now sloping in towards the doors. I don't know if you can really see, but down here, the wood framing at the bottom of the window has all got dry rot. If I could get the camera down low enough, we'd see that there was daylight underneath the door.

Bob Deeks: (02:04)
Then I don't know if you can see all that white marking on the concrete floor here. That's all effervescing as a result of water that's backed up in that deck because the drain was blocked and the water has been leaking inside here for some while and it's been pulling the mineral salts out of the concrete there. So we'll have to pull the door and window units out here. One, to replace the membrane. What you can't see is the framing on this deck is all spongy and rotten so that's all going to get replaced.

Bob Deeks: (02:38)
We'll pull the windows and doors out to make sure that the waterproofing membrane is properly locked over the envelope there. Then the windows and doors can all be replaced. So stay tuned. Beautiful view down into Vancouver Harbor there. That's Vancouver Downtown that you can see in the distance and there's ships in the far distance and UBC the water there. Anyway, stay tuned to this. If you want to follow along on this project and some of our others, then make sure to join our YouTube channel. That's all for now.

Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2021