White Gold Net Zero Renovation

A 'Net Zero Ready' Renovation

RDC Fine Homes' President Bob Deeks provides updates for a home renovation project in the Whistler White Gold neighbourhood. This renovation is a "Net Zero ready" project.

Update 1 (January 13, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes' president Bob Deeks provides an update on our a new home renovation project in Whistler's White Gold neighbourhood. Bob discusses some of the decisions made to renovate or rebuild for this project. Bob also outlines the overall plans for this Net Zero Ready home reno.

Transcript Update 1

Bob Deeks:

"Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes up here in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. I am standing out in front of our newest project, which is going to be a Net Zero Ready renovation. Demolition just underway. We've got our great hazardous waste removal partner here, Urban Environmental. They're on the top two floors doing our asbestos abatement, asbestos in the drywall, and some asbestos tiles on the floor. They're well underway and should be done towards the end of next week.

This is an exciting project for us, a lot of debate around whether to rebuild or renovate. And in the end, the decision was made to renovate this, which is awesome for us because it keeps a lot of material out of the landfill. Although we'll remove the top two floors, we save all the bottom floor framing and all the concrete and likely saves us at least two to three months in our construction timelines. We are going to panelize the new structure in our panel shop here in Whistler, and we have an aggressive goal to get our client back inside his new house for Christmas of 2021.

So, stay tuned. If you want to get updates, make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to follow along on this exciting Net Zero renovation."


Update 2 (February 19, 2021)

RDC Fine Homes' president Bob Deeks provides the second update on our new home renovation project in Whistler's White Gold neighbourhood. Bob reviews the project's recycling station, our COVID safety plan, and updates in progress for the bottom floor of this home.

Transcript Update 2

Bob Deeks: (00:00)
Hey there, Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes here at our latest net zero renovation project up here in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. The boys are getting ready for their first concrete pour coming up today, pouring some footings to support some of the new roof loads for the new structure. As you can see, we've got our great partners Sea to Sky Welding on site, doing a little bit of fabrication for us. So let's go on inside and see what kind of progress we have made to date.

Bob Deeks: (00:32)
Go on inside. As you can see, we've got our recycling center all set up, all the bins protected with a little bit of scaffolding to keep the snow out. Don't want to be throwing away snow. COVID rules posted on the fence here, site safety rules, and of course our own site signage up there looking great. Walking on inside, we've got our Nudura ICF forms all ready to go for the extension of the garage and a bedroom up above, and a little bit of ICF work here also for the expanded front entry. So let's go on inside and see what's going on in there.

Bob Deeks: (01:17)
Right inside on the bottom floor, this is the level that we are keeping. So we've actually done quite a lot of cutting and coring here on the original slab to get ready for all the new structural bearing points, and as of course you can see, we've got all our plumbing rough-ins now complete as well. So little bit of a footing pour today, and then beginning of next week we will repour the slab and make everything good. All the demolition is now complete with regard to removal of drywall, any of the hazardous waste materials. Of course, just about everything on this floor will remain.

Bob Deeks: (01:57)
And one of the latest developments for us will be using NRCan's (Natural Resources Canada) new embodied carbon calculator, so very excited to run this project through that calculator to see what sort of carbon emissions we have saved by using the bottom floor framing, and most importantly here would be all the concrete works, because on the project we just ran, one of the largest amounts of carbon in a new house was of course the foundation. So stay tuned for some further updates, and of course, if you want to follow along with this, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks.

Posted: Monday, January 18, 2021