Whistler Bear Creek Home Construction

UPDATE 1 (JUNE 20, 2020)

Bob Deeks:

"(Today we're) pouring into (concrete into) our Nudura forms. All the bracing work that the guys have done to make sure that the walls stay perfectly plumb, level, and square as we load the concrete up, as you can see. We've got to get up to that level way up there on the next floor. So you can see where the pump truck is right now. Eventually, those walls will get up another 15 feet."

UPDATE 2 (AUGUST 11, 2020)

Bob Deeks:

"Hey there, Bob Deeks from RDC Fine Homes. I'm back up at our site in Bear Creek in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. We are just getting ready to fly in the first elements for the steel structure on this project that's built into the hillside here.

As you can see, the crane's just getting ready, we are in the process of getting our first-floor system installed, and we need a few steel elements to support it. Let's turn around, and we'll have a look at them flying in the first of these steel HSS (hollow structural section) posts.

Here, we can just see the first of our HSS posts starting to fly in here, as the guys are getting ready to assemble the floor joists for our TGI floor system (Trus Joist® TJI® joists) in our energy step code four home here. So very exciting to see some of these structural elements going in.

We need to get the floor system in here to brace our tall walls at the back there so we can finish off our insulated concrete forms. So we've got about a week and a half to get this floor system in, and then we can continue with our ICF, our insulated concrete forms work here and get up to the roof. We are probably about three to four weeks away from being able to put our roof trusses in and get this baby closed in.

So stay tuned, we'll come back as we get back to ICF works in a couple of weeks here."

UPDATE 2 (AUGUST 27, 2020)

Bob Deeks, RDC Fine Homes' President, provides an update and shows off some amazing views of the Whistler Valley from this new project.

Bob Deeks:

Hey there, Bob Deeks with RDC Fine Homes. I am back up at our Bear Creek Step 4 project. The boys have been working hard over the last couple of weeks and we've got the main floor system in on the top floor. So I thought we would take a walk up there and see what the view is like from what will be the future kitchen, living room, dining room. So we'll turn around and I'll give you a little bit of an insight as to how far up the hill this top floor really is.

Here we are. We're at the bottom of the construction stairs and let's go up and we'll just see how far up this really is to get to the top floor of this four story project as we're marching up the stairs here as quickly as I can go just to give you an idea of how far up the hill this house really is. Here we are. We're at the bedroom level. And so we're about two thirds of the way up. Of course, there you got the view looking down the valley and we'll go inside and we'll go up the stairs to the next level.

Here we are. We're at the bedroom level and we're going to go up to the top floor, kitchen, living room, dining room, and let's see what the view looks from way up here. This is the first time that I've had a chance to come up and have a look at where we're at here. So that's the back wall of the house. The boys just poured that slab in there today. Bracing's still in place until we get the roof system in. And there you go. What a fantastic view. This is over the Whistler Valley. It's about 5:30 in the afternoon here in end of August.

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2020