Open Plan Living - All You Need To Know

what is open plan living

One of our bright open plan living builds.

Open plan living has been popular in Canada since the 90s. While some trends only last a short time it seems that open plan living is here to stay. And rightly so, it has some amazing benefits! This article takes a look at how we got to open plan living, its main benefits and how to achieve open plan living in your home. 

What is Open Plan Living?

Open plan living is a modern spin on the traditional layout of homes. Before open plan living, rooms were boxed off and given one definite function. Open plan living takes two traditional rooms and removes a wall, which opens up the space and makes it multi-functional. It’s most commonly seen in the living areas and kitchens of newer homes. 

open plan living

Open plan living maximizing space

Who invented Open Plan Living?

The famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most notable users of open plan living. He designed Robie House in Chicago with an open plan design in the 1910s. Even though open plan living was supported by one of the greatest architects of all time, it didn’t go mainstream until the 1990s. Large scale construction projects built homes with an open design which played a big part in its popularity.

The Benefits Of Open Plan Living

open plan living benefits

Make your kitchen central to your home with open plan living.

Rather than just going along with the popular design choice it’s important to look at the benefits of open plan living and how it can benefit you. 


Open plan living allows you to give more functions to your space. Where some homes have a kitchen and living room separated by a wall, in open plan living the spaces are blurred and take on more uses. Dinner parties in the kitchen can spill over into the living area and floor plans can easily be altered for different events.

More Light and Space

Opening up a space will inevitably bring in more light. In some homes, an open plan area can get both morning and evening sun. A brighter home also feels bigger. It gives the illusion of much more space and makes your home feel airier.

open plan living room

One space takes on multiple uses in open plan living.

Better Flow

Open floor plans flow better too. Removing doors and walls helps manage traffic throughout the home. This makes the space much nicer to be in and can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

More Social

Open spaces help homes to be more social too. Instead of one person being boxed off in the living room watching TV and another in the kitchen cleaning, open plan living allows them to be together. This helps families interact more with each other and grow closer bonds.

It’s also great for entertaining. When you have friends over you don’t want to be stuck cooking alone in the kitchen away from everyone. Open plan living allows you to be part of multiple spaces at once, so you can cook and hang out with friends all at the same time.

How To Achieve Open Plan Living?

how to achieve open plan living

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to open plan living.

Remove Walls

The first thing that you need to do to create open spaces is to remove walls. This will help bring in light, improve flow and make your home much more social. Removing a wall is a large undertaking for the DIY hobbyist, especially if it’s a load-bearing wall! Industry experts are best suited to large jobs like this. They have all the appropriate equipment and years of experience that will deliver open plan living that perfectly suits your needs.

Less Is More

Once you’ve removed the walls its important to keep the clutter out of the home. Clutter will block off the space that you’ve just opened up. Remember, less is more!

Don't divide spaces with furniture 

Bulky furniture placed in the wrong area can also ruin your new open plan living areas. It’s important that sofas and tables don’t block light or sightlines through the space. Make sure you put sofas up against the walls allowing the central space to be used for dining and social purposes.

Open plan living is incredibly popular, and for the right reasons! It allows your home to be bright, more social and more enjoyable. Give RDC Fine Homes a call today and see how we can make your home your dream home!

Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2019