RDC Employees are the Reason for our Success

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We are celebrating our awesome employees this month. Having a great team deliver fantastic results doesn’t just happen. We can thank our team members for their dedication and commitment to hard work, and our company values: Positive, Reliable, Performance.

We stand out from other homebuilders because of our commitment to building healthy homes for happy families: excellent customer service, sustainable building practices, building green homes that are healthy to live in, building homes well above minimum codes, and using cutting edge technology to help us build the better homes for less cost.

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This has allowed our company to win numerous awards over the years, from Customer Satisfaction, to National Housing awards, awards for Innovation, Sustainability, and of course, Apprentice Training. This year we were humbled to win the Small Business BC award for Best Apprentice Training.

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Our team works very hard to make great things happen, and they think RDC is a great place to work.

Here are a few comments from our apprentices:

“RDC Fine homes has a great apprenticeship training and mentorship practice in place, that I would without a doubt recommend and refer to all my fellow apprentices looking to gain a hands-on experience in high level carpentry work. In the short 2.5 years I've been with the company, my skill level in all aspects of a residential build have sky rocketed.

RDC Fine Homes and their management has encouraged me to pursue my apprenticeship, and have even offered to pay my tuition through my apprenticeship.

I am currently signed up to take an entry level supervisor course, have re-taken my first aid, and have been provided with fall protection training, with the company providing all the facilitation and funding necessary to do so. I can honestly say that my time with the company has been very educational, and I’ve been highly supported to succeed.

But my utmost favorite aspect of the company, is the simple fact that there is room for advancement. There is also plenty of recognition and gratitude for the work and craftsmanship that you do for the company. In short... it's a great company to mentor under.”

-       Eric

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“RDC Fine Homes has helped me and many others to complete our apprenticeship levels. They support us by signing us up to job grants and provide funding for the rest of tuition. They allow apprentices to go to school during the wet months, which everyone is appreciative of. RDC will also sign us up for a number of different courses/webinars from CHBA that help us in our careers to becoming better builders. The Building Science course really helped me to understand how to build a healthy home and why it's important.

They also understand that having the right tools for the job is essential and provide funding for workers to buy their own tools. This helps us have more pride in our work. “

-       Liam

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“In my time here, RDC has been a great supporter of their apprentices. RDC really focuses on learning and growing as industry practices improve. At RDC we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of new, improved building practices, which has carried through to our apprentice training opportunities. As an apprentice, I have always been encouraged to expand my knowledge through more training. The management at RDC focuses on being flexible with scheduling to allow for apprenticeship schooling and trying to assist the apprentices with all available grants and financial support to help pay for school. “

-       Tyler 

We are seeking talent to join our team for the busy summer months. If you are an experienced carpenter or apprentice, please send your application to info@rdcfinehomes.com


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Posted: Tuesday, April 02, 2019