Why RDC Fine Homes Should Build Your Dream Green Home

Net Zero Home

RDC strives to build Healthy Homes for Happy Families. We focus on delivering positive experiences to our clients, and are committed to building sustainable green homes that work better, live better, and last better. See how we bring environmentally conscious ideas to life in the way we run our business!

  1. We can build you a Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home. This means the house produces as much energy as it uses, costing you less money to operate, and saving energy.  Our President, Bob Deeks is actually the Chair of the Canadian Home Builder's Association Net Zero Energy Housing Council We are helping home builders across Canada build Net Zero Homes.

  2. We use environmentally responsible products. We choose products that create very little waste, and that are produced in a way that is easier on the earth. For example, we install low flow toilets and lighting options that are specifically chosen for their efficiency. In some cases we use re-claimed products, such as wood and bricks, thus saving them from going to the landfill. We use BASF’s WALLTITE Eco Spray Foam. Additionally we are certified by Holmes Approved Homes, and build to the following standards:

    Net Zero
    Passive House Canada
    Built Green

    These third party certifications prove that we are committed to - often above industry code standards – demand responsible energy usage & safe and modern building practices.

  3. We work with other like minded companies. Sea to Sky Removal helps us keep our sites clean. They also make sure that any waste that we create is sorted and recycled. Many companies send all their construction waste to the landfill without taking the time to sift through and many products such as drywall can be recycled. Other things such as toilets, or furniture can be re-used or donated. We were able to divert 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of recyclables from the landfill on a recent job with the help of Sea to Sky Removal.

  4. We consider the local environment in our Landscaping. We work with Heike Designs and Another View Landscaping to make sure that we are using native species and considering our surroundings in the landscaping of our new homes.
  5. Homes that are better insulated don’t require as much energy to regulate the temperature. Using insulated concrete forms (ICF) to build our basements saves energy in the short term and saves our clients money in the long term. These forms are durable, effective moisture and temperature barriers that will keep your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. They also come pre-shaped, creating very little waste and making them quick and easy to assemble!

  6. Adopt A Hwy May 2017 2Our office uses an electronic filing system. Rather than keeping our records on paper, we have most of our files and archives stored on our computers, our team is constantly working to improve this system, and every year we use less paper in our office.

  7. We keep our community clean. RDC has adopted the stretch of highway between Function Junction and Alta Lake Road. Each summer our team goes out and cleans up all the garbage that accumulates along the side of the highway over the winter. This year we collected over 30 bags of garbage! 

  8. We build custom prefabricated homes. View some homes we bring to our clients! We work with our partners at Karoleena to build homes in a clean and dry modern factory, then ship and assemble on your dream home site. This is a faster (Could be ready in 6 months!), better way to build a home. Protecting the building from nature’s elements during construction can significantly improve quality, gives us a greater control, and creates less waste.

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Posted: Thursday, January 04, 2018