RDC Can Fix a Damp Crawl Space or Basement

Here is an except from an article written by our Director of Renovation Construction, Mark Robichaud.


"While RDC's reputation may lean toward experts in building high performance custom homes, RDC Fine Homes has an equally active Renovation Department. One residential problem we're often tasked with is solving high humidity problems caused by leaky crawl spaces.

Older Sea to Sky Corridor developments were occasionally built on or near the flood plain, or in subdivisions hemmed in by significant water ways and rivers. The risk of these locations is often crawl spaces or basement slabs are very close to, or in some cases, within the water table. During the heavy rainy season, the water table rises and can overwhelm outdated foundation drainage - allowing moisture and vapour to work through the building envelope and into the crawlspace. Once the crawlspace is wet - high humidity in the living space is soon to follow.

Bob Deeks, President of RDC, presented at last year's Squamish Home Show and was approached by a retired couple who were interested in a home renovation. I met with Keith and Linda* (*names have been changed) during the sales cycle and the subject of home comfort, air quality, and high relative humidity came up. From October to April, the early 90's single level rancher's humidity hovered in the mid 70's. To deal with the poor air quality and standing moisture on windows, the homeowners ran a portable dehumidifier all winter long.

After entering one of the cleanest crawl spaces I've ever had the pleasure of crawling into, I determined that there were a number of factors causing the poor air quality."...

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Posted: Thursday, September 07, 2017