Crumpit Woods Project Update

Squamish Crumpit Woods Cnstruction

Our latest project in Crumpit Woods is nearing completion!

Since Mike Holmes was here live on site in April, we've made a lot of progress. We have the plumbing electrical, heating, and sprinklers in and tested (& passed!). The Soffit looks fantastic. It has been a busy few months on site, and our crew has been working hard to finish the job to our high standards.

A Net Zero Ready Home

When this house is complete, it will be a Net Zero Ready home. This means that in addition to being very efficient with energy use, it can easily become a Net Zero home - which produces as much energy as it uses.

Looking forward to municipal inspection, sprayfoam, blower door test and drywall later in July!

Any questions about this project or net zero homes? Ask below!

Crumpit Woods Home Soffit Crumpit Woods Home Exterior

Posted: Wednesday, June 07, 2017