Georgie Award Finalist - Best Innovative Feature

Here is our final installment of our Georgie Award entries.

The award "Best Innovative Feature" is characterized by the introduction of an inventive feature, space, method, element or product that enhances the residential project or building process and results in a unique effect or feature.

We chose to feature our Turnbuckle staircase design found at our Timber Ridge residence.

Concept that created the inspiration for this innovative feature

  •  Main floor of house is open concept with no interior walls and large window areas.
  • The combination of bedroom floor above, snow load and seismic engineering design requirements were challenging
  • Design required additional lateral bracing to meet engineering design standards
  • The only wall area available for additional lateral brace walls was the stair well. To maintain site lines through architecturally designed stairs, the turnbuckle application was designed to replace the conventional solid shear wall that would have been required
  • Innovative concept was low cost and added to architectural appeal
  • This application is low cost and transferrable to other projects

Turn Buckle Georgie Reverse

Home Construction Interior Stairs

Choice of materials

  • The Turnbuckle layout was logical solution other than solid shear wall
  • Adjustable cable design easy to install and relatively low cost
  • Easily transferable to other sites
  • Ties in well to timber frame and overall architectural design of house

Turn Buckle Georgie

Unique design elements

  •  Maintains site lines
  • Visually appealing
  • Enables larger area of glazing to take advantage of natural daylight capture maximizing solar gains from winter sun reducing winter heating loads

Timber Ridge Staircase

What do you think? Is it a winner?

Have a great week,
The team at RDC.

Posted: Monday, February 01, 2016