RDC Fine Homes Is A 2017 Georgie Award Finalist For Best Website

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Check out our 2017 Georgie Award finalist Website built and maintained by Custom Fit Online. Hear what our clients are saying and learn why working with a builder that you would recommend to your friends and family has its benefits.

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Custom Fit Online

Here are some of the key details that Custom Fit Online has developed for our Website:

  • The website’s interface and UX functionality is geared to reflect innovation and beautiful design.
  • The site content, including projects and our blog, is continually updated to tell the RDC Fine Homes’ story and reinforce our company philosophy.
  • Great care has been taken to make text and other content easy-to-consume via font, colour, and layout considerations.
  • Pristine and visually attractive photography of our projects entices readers to want to learn more. Levels of navigation are built to make easy access to all content.
  • The website is improved to perform to the highest standard including optimization of images, JavaScript, and CSS coding to help ensure fast load times.
  • Real-time analytic dashboards provide site performance insights to track success while providing guidance for continuous optimization.

Custom Fit's ongoing Monthly monitoring:

  • Continually monitor website analytics, such bounce rate, exit page rates, and time-on-site to monitor if our content is creating effective engagement with website visitors. Engagement rates have increased significantly.
  • Continuous measurement and improvement results in providing more effective information.
  • The website is continually optimized for search engine ranking results and user experience.
  • Paid advertising, social media, email marketing, and new content development via our blog and other channels is designed to generate targeted website traffic.
  • Goals and events are continually tracked for our digital channels.
  • Website goals tracked include lead conversions from our contact form and phone calls (tap-to-call).
  • Event tracking includes video views, file downloads, and more.

Posted: Thursday, December 15, 2016