Renovate Your Condo or Detached Home

In this article from, the author looks at the Greater Toronto area.  Although it is a different marketplace, our experience has certainly been similar. Here in the Sea to Sky Corridor (From North Vancouver, through to Pemberton), we see the popularity in renovating condos (and detached homes) increasing. As an active Renomark Renovator, we would certainly agree that design and planning are the key components to any successful renovation (or new build for that matter).  By teaming with an experienced Renomark Renovator, you get the experience and expertise you need to execute a successful project.

Speaking from an RDC standpoint, we have successfully completed many renovation projects from interior painting and small fixer upper jobs, to full gut and rebuilds, and everything in between.  Knowing the process, and being able to work hand in hand with the various strata boards, levels of municipal government, and our extensive network of building trades, are all further factors that ensure you end up with a space that suits your needs, your budget, and you expectations.

September 14, 2015



Condo renovations are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people across the GTA move to condos.

The most popular targets of condo renovations are kitchens and bathrooms, says RenoMark renovator and BILD Board member Brendan Charters. The most common projects revolve around upgrading and customizing finishes like cabinets, backsplashes, and countertops.

“Typically we install new finishes in the same locations as the original, although in some instances we are able to get creative and shift things around – something that is not easy in condos with common elements such as plumbing, gas, phone and cable main lines which can’t be moved,” says Brendan, who runs Eurodale Developments in Toronto.

Other popular renovations include flooring, trims, and paint, which allow condo owners to upgrade the aesthetic of their suites and make them uniquely theirs.

He explains that the key to a successful condo renovation is design and planning, which starts with hiring the right renovator. It’s important to work with a professional contractor who is familiar with the structural and service elements of condos, as well as how to navigate condo board approvals and work around potential challenges.

The condo board will want to make sure that your project doesn’t affect any of the building’s common elements. It must also adhere to the board’s renovation-specific by-laws like sound transfer standards or time of work before approval is granted.

Much like renovating a detached home, a major renovation may require building permits. While significant structural renovations are uncommon in condos, permits are still necessary if you’re working with electrical or changing plumbing locations. This is where it’s important to ensure that you are working with a professional renovator that can help you navigate through the permit process.

A great place to find one is The website has a searchable database of professional renovators, and you can customize your search by neighbourhood and renovation type.

Another good place to learn is the Toronto Fall Home Show. It runs from October 1 to 4 at the Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place and this year’s show is all about embracing your space. Among its features are a variety of exhibits where you can explore condo living and learn how to make your unique space feel like home.

Be sure and visit the Destination Renovation display at Booth 720. This is BILD’s featured exhibit where you can meet with professional RenoMark™ renovators and get free unbiased advice and renovating tips.

Tickets for the show are available online at and you can save $3 off the price of regular admission if you order online.

Posted: Monday, September 14, 2015