Reducing Energy Costs in Your House

Retrofits versus Reductions – From Green Building Advisor

Anyone who is contemplating a deep energy retrofit has to consider multiple approaches and techniques for taking the diverse building stock we have and transforming it — from the standpoint not just of energy use, but also comfort, health and safety, and durability — because so much of our building stock is plagued with deficiencies. Retrofits fix the issues with the building — and saving energy almost ends up as a desirable byproduct.

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Commentary: RDC has done a number of deep energy retrofits (photo above is a good example achieving an EnerGuide rating of 85) One of the things we have learned over the years is that how you engage with your home sometimes has more to do with your energy profile than simply living in a super insulated home. This article gives a good overview of other ways that homeowners can save money on energy before engaging in an expensive energy retrofit. One thing to keep in mind are the benefits beyond the savings on heating and cooling in an energy retrofit such as improved comfort and durability, better indoor air quality, and the long-term future proofing of your home against the rising costs of energy.

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Posted: Thursday, September 10, 2015