Load Bearing Walls in Your Home

Load Bearing Wall

Despite what many people out there think, you can not remove any wall in your home at random.  If the wall is a load bearing wall, and you do try to remove it, or compromise the integrity of that wall, it can have devastating results (READ – your house could fall down).

Countless times we have either had clients approach us wanting to have a load bearing wall removed in their renovation, or we have come upon a home where someone has compromised the integrity of that load bearing wall (through cutting a beam, or partially removing a load bearing wall).  Not to say that there are not solutions to removing a load bearing wall, but they do involve some planning, foresight and experience – all of which a legitimate contractor can help you with.

In the following article from Fine Home Building Magazine, they describe how to build a temporary brace to help support a structure while removing load-bearing walls.  Keep in mind that this is best done by a professional, accredited Building company.  It is not the type of work that you want to entrust to an uninsured builder who invariably disappears once the work is done and is not around to face the consequences when shoddy work is performed.

Read more here: Building a Temporary Brace Wall.

Posted: Monday, July 27, 2015