The Golden Rule of a Clutter-Free Home

Golden Building Rules

Here at RDC, we have the privilege of seeing many homes. From the homes we build to the homes we repair or renovate, we see many designs, styles and tastes. Some we love, some, not as much ;). But regardless of a persons style or taste, the one constant that sets a home apart (and may well be the difference when you are selling your home), is a home that is clutter free. When you live in an area like the Sea to Sky corridor, many people have many different toys, sports and outdoor equipment, not to mention all of the other items you would expect to find in your average home. There is definitely a certain percentage of these people that do a much better job of storing their possessions away, and keeping a clutter-free home. I thought this short explanation on the ‘Golden Rule’ of keeping a tidy home from was worth a read:

The Golden Rule of a Clutter-Free Home

There’s no shortcut to tidiness. Keeping a clean home requires discipline and hard work – and maybe a little motivating maxim. A principle that you can carry with you as you get busy taking your clutter to task from room to room. It’s the golden rule of keeping a tidy home…

If you don’t use it daily, put it away.

The daily use rule helps you narrow down and sort out exactly what should stay in view, delegating everything else to find a home out of sight and out of mind.

Feeling like your counters are getting crowded? Apply the golden rule. The Keurig that sees action twice every morning and most of the afternoons? That stays. The KitchenAid mixer that’s used once a year to make Christmas cookies? To the pantry with you. Slim down the overflowing utensil jar down to just the things that get used to make dinner every night, and put everything else away in a drawer. Soon, your kitchen is looking all nice and neat and clutter-free.

You can take the golden rule from room to room, cleaning off all sorts of surfaces until your whole home is looking tidy. Try it in the bedroom or bathroom–two rooms that always seem to collect unnecessary clutter.

Posted: Tuesday, November 03, 2015