Launching Into Spring with RDC

Green Kitchen

Spring has sprung here at RDC!

First of all, welcome to our newly revamped website!  We would love to hear your feedback on what you think of the new design, and what you might like to see on our website in the future.

We want to use this forum to keep you up to date on the happenings here at RDC, as well as practical building related advice, and tips that we have found useful and hope that you will too.  If you like what you see here on our website we would love to have you follow us on our Facebook and Twitter streams.

Spring is here (or is in the process of springing), and we are busy here at RDC. We have just completed work on the Valkyries 4-plex townhomes in Squamish and are finishing up on two other single family builds here in Whistler.  We have a full slate of projects lined up for 2014 into 2015, including a single family home in the Spring Creek area of Whistler, and a beautiful home on the shores of majestic Green Lake.  In Squamish, we have been hard at work in the planning and permitting phase for a number of single family homes in Crumpit Woods.

We will be building up to five homes in the subdivision, including 2 spec homes which we will be releasing information on soon (stay tuned).  Add in 2 or 3 major renovation projects and a number of smaller renovations, and we have a busy schedule!

Our ongoing staff training has continued over the fall and winter months with a number of staff participating in a variety of courses including: HPO Building smart seminar #19, Buildex, Air Leakage Testing for Energy Efficiency, Construction Marketing , Construction Law, Colour and Design Trends, First Aid Auditor Training, Level 2 First Aid, BC Building Code, and Customer Service, to name a few.

We are now in the process of booking jobs for the 2015 construction season, and we plan to expand into Vancouver’s North Shore, so we will fill quickly.  As such, if you are considering a building project in the near future, now is the time to give us a call so you won’t be disappointed.

On a final note, we do have some exciting news to share but unfortunately, we can’t give you all the details quite yet.  Suffice it to say that RDC has been recognized as one of the elite builders in British Columbia and is teaming up with a one of the best-known brands in the construction industry in North America……….. but alas, I have said too much already!  Stay tuned for our big announcement in the next couple of weeks!

In the meantime, we love your feedback and encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

Posted: Monday, April 28, 2014