De-Constructing a Home Ecologically Responsibly

RDC Reno in Process

RDC practices sustainable deconstruction techniques

RDC prides itself in trying to be as ecologically responsible as we can be with every project we do. With construction having an obvious non-sustainable side to it, we try to offset this by reusing and recycling wherever we can, using sustainable products and partnering with like-minded companies.

This video shows us at work on our latest single family home here in the Whistler area.  We are deconstructing a single family home, and trying to divert as much as 75% (or more) of the construction waste so that it can be reused. In this video, you can see the kind of care the crane operator has to take in order to salvage the trusses from this home.  As a comparison, the average deconstruction method would be to come in and crunch the trusses (and everything else), and send it straight to the landfill.

Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013