Integrated Project Delivery

For Home + Commercial Construction

Integrated Project Delivery

Begin With a Team Approach

At RDC Fine Homes, we begin with a team approach. We work using the principles of an Integrated Project Delivery model, (IPD) engaging all the key team members from the very beginning. Only with everyone’s input can we optimize the best design based on your budget and design expectations.

The key is to use the wisdom of the team to design your home correctly from the start. Our goal is to ensure we deliver on both your architectural and design expectations as well as your budget goals.

Getting Your Input

Your input is important to ensure that we start with the correct information to create the right home for you. RDC is more than just a company that builds homes; we are a team of knowledgeable and passionate construction professionals who strive to build you the best home possible. We want to make your home building experience as easy as it can be. The RDC team is here to help.

Client Questionnaires

The RDC service starts with assessing your needs through a client questionnaire. Together, we need to ensure that we have as much information as possible before we put a line on a drawing or a shovel in the ground. There is a large amount of planning that needs to go into the creation of your home.

We want to ensure that we start planning with the correct information so that we can create the right home for you.