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RDC Fine Homes is the only Mike Holmes Approved builder in the Sea to Sky, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver area. Quite simply, a Holmes Approved Home is a better home, built right. Mike chose us to represent their brand of a better-built home because he recognized us as one of BC’s industry-leading builders who consistently demonstrated quality craftsmanship and dedication to building it right! As Mike says “Together, we are raising industry standards, constructing safer, healthier, more durable homes.”

Whether you’re interested in making sure your home is built right, or built to be healthy, sustainable and energy efficient, the Holmes Approved Homes program gives you three options to get the home you deserve – a home built right from the ground up.

Mike's philosophy is simple: The things you don't see in a home are more important than the things you do, and addressing these critical details today protects your investment, saving you time, trouble and money tomorrow.

"The HOLMES Approved Homes Program is about integrating the right building products with the right technology, using the right building practices to build you a home that goes beyond residential standards, from construction to final inspection"

The result? Simply a better built home.


A HOLMES Approved Home undergoes a series of home inspections including onsite field reviews by approved Mike Holmes Inspectors, which serves as a thorough, transparent record of the quality and value that exists behind the walls.


Tested building techniques and practices are used in the construction of every HOLMES Approved Home to beautifully support and protect your investment—today and tomorrow.


All Mike Holmes Inspectors are accredited Level 1 Thermographers that have been trained to use specialized equipment, like thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, to make the most of the information these tools yield.


From the walls to its systems, a HOLMES Approved Home is safer, stronger and more durable thanks to superior construction practices and a strict adherence to proper code in every level of construction.


The HOLMES Approved Homes Program delivers confidence in your investment, so you can feel secure in your choice of a better, more durable home built right from the ground up.

How we met Mike Holmes???

Mike Holmes RDC Fine Homes Team

In the late fall of 2013 I arrived back at the office to find a message from a staff person from the Mike Holmes Group. My 1st reaction was, what could Mike Holmes possibly want with me? Frankly I was worried that somehow  there was a problem with one of our homes that we were not aware of that somehow had ended up in front of Mike. So with some trepidation I returned the call and so started what has now become a very successful partnership and the beginning of our becoming the 1st Holmes Approved Homes builder in BC.

It turned out that Mike and his team had researched the best builders in BC  and had identified RDC Fine Homes as a good candidate to deliver their new home certification; they wanted to know if we might be interested in joining them to deliver Holmes Approved Homes in our area. (Sea to Sky corridor, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver)

So what does being a  Holmes Approved Homes  builder mean? Many people interpret this as some kind of celebrity endorsement. While Mike is certainly endorsing RDC Fine Homes as one of the best builders he has found, the certification program is far more than a simple endorsement.

When I looked at the Holmes Approved Homes program I saw 2 benefits to RDC and our clients:

  1. We would be able to bolt onto a very powerful brand to help build our business
  2. We would be subjected to a rigorous third party inspection program that I felt would really push my Team to deliver a better product

We worked closely with Mike’s Team to validate our construction materials and methodology and starting in the spring of 2014  to build our 1st certified homes. Today, every new home RDC builds is certified by the Holmes Approved Homes inspectors who, depending on the level of certification may make up to 6 visits to our home building sites to check, test and verify what we are building.  When the home is complete they will deliver a book documenting all the inspections, test results and progress photos to the homeowner and RDC Fine Homes.

If you are interested in exploring the options of building a Mike Holmes Approved Home and want to know more about what the benefits are please connect with me either by phone, 604 967 1142 or email me through Linked In.

Bob Deeks

Inspection Packages

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