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More and more people are living the dream in Pemberton. The Pemberton Valley is truly a special community blending small town charm with an incredible landscape.

RDC Fine Homes' head office is located in the Sea to Sky Corridor and we take great pride in building high-performance homes that utilize sustainable green building practices in Pemberton. When considering building a home in Pemberton, take advantage of our Net Zero Energy home construction capabilities. And you can rest assured that you are dealing with a Mike Holmes "Holmes Approved Home" builder.

Pemberton is a Highly Desired Community Because

  • of it's spectacular beauty that include stunning mountains, rivers, and lakes
  • the huge trail system providing recreation for mountain bikers, hikers, runners and more
  • of amazing access to front country and backcountry adventures including snowmobiling, skiing and snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking, hiking and trekking in the summer, and year-round fishing and mountaineering
  • of it's diverse community including the First Nation's communities of Lil'wat Nation and N'Quatqua Nation
  • of it's natural resources including a rich farming heritage throughout the valley
  • of it's vibrant community filled with young families that bring a positive energy to the area

Building in the Pemberton Valley

The Pemberton Valley is a diverse community and is known for it’s wide variety of large residential lots, multi-family residential, and agricultural space. The valley allows us to build your dream home while maximizing your property’s beauty.

Pemberton Home Builders
Build Your Home in Pemberton!

RDC Fine Homes has a successful record for building and renovating homes in the Pemberton are and is known for building homes that work better, live better, and last better!

RDC Fine Homes Construction Services include:

High Performance Homes

Energy efficiency, durability and comfort are three of the most important things that your home should be and we can make that happen. By using our proven technology we ensure that your home works better and lasts better so that you can live better.

A high performance home will moderate the temperature in your home while saving you money due to the efficiency of your new home. You may not need a cooling system and you can reduce the size of your furnace.

Holmes Approved Homes Certification Program

Mike Holmes Approved Homes 247pxThe HPO New Home Warranty Program provided by WBI Home Warranty and the Mike Holmes, Holmes Approved Homes Certification Program supports the homes that we build and renovate.


RDC Fine Homes has been committed to being green builders since the early 90’s and in 2006 we assumed the Built Green® Label.

Home with this label are third party certified, more cost effective, have a higher comfort level, better for your health, and are more durable.

Proven Project Management

It’s important for us to work cohesively to ensure that your vision is being implemented. We do this by using the principles of an Integrated Project Delivery model (IPD), which mean that we ensure that there is full team participation from the beginning of the project. We start off by having all clients fill out a questionnaire and we work together to make sure we are on the right track from day one. A lot of organization and planning happens before we begin building and our team of experts ensures that this is an efficient and productive stage.

Staying within your budget while creating your dream home is important to us and we like to keep an open dialogue for everyone involved in this process. Our love for making your dreams come true is what fuels our passion for this industry, which is why we have a proven track record.

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