Working at RDC

What does working at RDC look like? 

We strive to create a flat organization where all team members have a voice and have a strong sense of responsibility for their contribution to RDC's overall performance.

Our Culture

  1. We plan, We Huddle, We Forecast, We measure!  It's not for everyone.

  2. Our goal is to bring maximum value to our clients, trades, consultants and staff.

  3. RDC works with business coach and industry leader Shannon Susko. We have been implementing her Metronome system since 2015. 

  4. Through this journey we also found LEAN construction and started a grass roots implementation in 2019. RDC needed to utilize our staff more and grow them to become world class problem solvers. (See recent blog on our lean adoption)

Lean Principles

  1. Reduce Waste - 8 Types of Waste
  2. Fix what bugs you - 2 second Lean
  3. 5S Huddles - Safety, Sweep, Sort, Standardize and Schedule
  4. Last planner construction scheduling 
  5. Continuous improvement



We are using technology to bring value at all levels, to our clients, trades, consultants and staff.

Health & Safety

The health and wellbeing of our employees and trades is of the utmost importance. You can view our Health & Safety Policy HERE 

The set of principles we utilize to view our safety program through is Human and Operational Performance (HOP)

  1. Human Error is Normal
  2. Blame fixes nothing
  3. Learning Is Vital
  4. Context Drives Behavior
  5. How You Respond to Failure Matters

RDC has been COR Certified since 2007 - What does that mean?

  1. We conduct annual audits of our Health & Safety program and focus on continuous improvement.
  2. We have written practices and procedures that are developed and reviewed by the people who are using them.
  3. Extensive project planning to capture design requirements to deal with safety issues in advance. 
  4. We conduct annual respirator fit testing and hearing testing. 
  5. Staff training - WHMIS, Fall Protection, Scaffolding, Machine operation & Dust Mitigation. 
  6. Conduct BCCSA administered safety feedback surveys to get transparent feedback from the team.
  7. Comprehensive Extended Health Plan and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Grow People

  1. Continuous learning is essential not just only for RDC as an organization but for each individual employee. We expect team members to engage in learning opportunites throughout their careers.
  2. RDC works with the BC Skills training grant to help cover the costs of courses.
  3. 95% of our Apprentices are registered with the ITA and we help cover the cost of school through the grant program.
  4. We are regularly sharing book recommendations, attending webinars and confererences.
  5. We also do lunch and learns with our trades and suppliers to grow our knowledge in all aspect of construction.
  6. We conduct regular performance plan reviews to help team members map our their career path and education goals. 

If you want to work on a high performing team and push yourself to grow your skillset then send us a message on why you think you would be a fit with RDC.